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    3kliksphilip Got CS:GO To Run At Over 4,000fps | Counter-Strike: Global Offensive FPS Config Setting

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive FPS Config Setting: This week, there has been much discussion about framerate, particularly with regards to Gotham Knights’ 30 frames per second limit on consoles. Players are now expecting a minimum of 60 frames per second on current-generation consoles, or at least the option to choose between visual mode and performance mode. This is particularly true for games such as Gotham Knights, which feature large open worlds and fast-paced combat.

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    Console owners live in constant envy of the performance that a well-tuned PC can deliver, but one YouTuber twisted the dagger by showing how high they could raise the frame rate on CS:GO (thanks, PC Gamer). It is true that CS:GO is quite old. However, it is still one of the most popular games, so running it at a reasonable frame rate is not difficult. Nevertheless, 3kliksphilip was able to run the game at a frame rate of 4,400 frames per second.

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    In addition to an overpowered computer, he had to make some changes to the game itself as well. As pointed out by PC Gamer, 3kliksphilip first removed all features that would take up even the tiniest amount of framerate, including the HUD and the AI bots. Next, the game’s visual settings were lowered to the lowest possible level, resulting in 720p resolution.

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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive FPS Config Setting: During this time, around 1,000fps, they noticed something interesting – a bug that only appears at such a high framerate – 3kliksphilip’s character was actually running faster than when at a capped framerate. Finally, in order to push things to their limits, they went in search of the one spot in the game where the framerate would be the highest. The Safehouse map had the highest average framerate of 2,354 frames per second, while Baggage had the highest overall framerate of 4,221 frames per second.

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    In the end, they pulled out all the stops, removing even the frame rate counter, replacing it with a background application and downloading some fps boosting configurations. Baggage received the highest overall framerate with a staggering 4,486.32 frames per second, resulting in the highest average jump to 2,417.56 frames per second on Safehouse.

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