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    2K 360 games on Xbox Series cannot be screenshotted or recorded

    2K 360 games on Xbox Series: Earlier this week, it was reported that Xbox Series consoles were not able to take screenshots while playing The Darkness. It is important to note, however, that the unique reason thought to be responsible might not be entirely accurate. In all 2K 360 games published on the Series X|S, the ability to take screenshots and capture footage has been disabled.

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    Earlier this week, OKthanksgames started a discussion on Twitter with an interesting observation. You are unable to take screenshots while playing The Darkness, a game that was originally released on the Xbox 360 in 2007. Apparently, this is due to the possibility of watching To Kill A Mockingbird on an in-game TV screen.

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    Here is a bit of video game trivia you can use for a pub quiz, but it may not be entirely accurate. Considering The Darkness was published by 2K, the inability to take screenshots may be related to the studio rather than a movie screening during the game. The user Sane_Intolerant responded to OKthanksgames’ Darkness discovery by highlighting a number of other 2K games that do not allow screenshots or captures.

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    “This actually seems to be something all 2K-published Xbox 360 games share. None of them can have screenshots or clips taken on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S,” the reply reveals. With it are a number of titles 2K published on the 360, including Mafia 2 and Duke Nukem Forever, all of which have a note at the bottom revealing the screenshot had failed.

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    The reason for this phenomenon remains a mystery. In the replies, it has been pointed out that a similar message appears when taking screenshots in Konami games. The only caveat is that they cannot be shared via Xbox Live. The discovery was made by OKthanksgames while trying to stream a game, which suggests that 2K-published 360 games cannot be streamed when played on a newer Xbox console.

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