World longest underwater tunnel- world longest under water tunnel by China

World longest underwater tunnel- world longest under water tunnel by China.
World’s most populated country China has announced to built world longest underwater tunnel on 14.02.2014.

It will be constructed in beneath the Bohai Sea by 2026. The distance of underwater tunnel will be 123-km long and it  will connect the port cities of Dalian in Liaoning province and Yantai in Shandong province, After completion of this longest project, it would automatically minimize the current travel time between the two cities up to 40 minutes, which is at present estranged by a 1400 km drive or about 8 hours by ship.

This underwater tunnel would go beyond the mutual length of the world’s two longest tunnels, Japan’s Seikan Tunnel linking Honshu and Hokkaido and the Channel Tunnel between Britain and France. Wang Mengshu estimated that this longest tunnel project will cost approx 36 billion dollar or 220 billion yuan.

After approval work will be soon begin on 2015 or 2016, A tunnel and railway expert Wang Mengshu at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, who is already working on this plan from 2012.

Wang mostly highlighted the safety of the project and it’s their top anxiety.

The draft of the plan has 2 important sections talk about the “possible dangers” in the project and the “emergency plan”, flooding can be major safety risk during tunnel construction was said by the Wang’s colleague Tan Guangzhong.