Top mobile apps for business cards 2014-2015

How business cards are helpful to us in our daily busy schedule…?

Handling business alone is most tough work when the time comes about exploring your business. For this we use business card in which basic details related to a person and company is printed.

But carrying business cards is also anxiousness, when there is a bundle of business cards in our pocket and the time we need particular business card that time confusion is created and what if your card case or your wallet is already out of business cards? What will you do?. In this advanced world, when everything is dependent on eCommerce then why carrying business cards is apart from this. So we want to tell you that carrying business cards is also not a burden now as many business cards apps are been created for eCommerce world. Now a day each and everyone is so busy that they do not have much time to talk to the people and give introduction or handover business cards. In these situations business cards apps are useful.

These business cards apps are very useful not only to the businessman, also in various peoples like politicians, teachers, real estate agents, policemen, detectives, taxi drivers, actors, lawyers and almost everybody in every profession all over the globe.

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For making an effective business cards here are some points to be remember always –

  • Of course, do not forget your name
  • Your position in the company
  • name of the company or business
  • your contact numbers
  • website of the business and email address
  • It is also wise to put your picture
  • a picture of the product you are selling or the photo of the company building.

Let’s get some more knowledge about some business cards (Top mobile apps for business cards 2014-2015) and scanners present in the ecommerce market –

  • Cam Card – (Business card scanner & Business card reader & scan card – Top mobile apps for business cards )

Description –  

Cam Card is used by more than 50 million business people .
According to  Apple App Store Rewind 2011/2012 Cam Card is Top Business App
According to BBC news  Cam Card is a great example of how storing and sharing contact details has been    brought up to date using smart phone technology .


  • Cisco WebEx Meetings – Top mobile apps for business cards 2014-2015

                Description – Cisco WebEx Conduct Interactive Meetings

This App also helps in Easily Managing Meeting Activities

It also Simplify Administration and Security.

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  • Business Card Reader Pro – Top mobile apps for business cards 2014-2015


Business Card Reader Pro app helps in Importing contact information from a business card directly to your iOS Contacts.

This app is Out-of-the-box integration with LinkedIn, Sales force and Evernote.

This app also helps in Easy integration with other CRM systems which is Featured in iphones TV commercials.

  • Sam Card-business card reader & business card scanner & visiting card – Top mobile apps for business cards 2014-2015

             Description –

This app requires devices like iPhone4, iPhone4S, iPhone5
its Recognition Languages are English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Swedish

Top mobile apps for business cards 2014-2015

Top mobile apps for business cards 2014-2015


  • KaiCards – business card maker – Top mobile apps for business cards 2014-2015

           Description –

With Kai cards app you can create and print your personal business cards by own.
By choosing your contact data, now select a design and instantly see a preview of your individual card.
This app contains 20 beautiful designs, 12 distinct color schemes , Import and edit your contact data ,Import your own photo backgrounds, Adjust font sizes

These are the Top mobile apps for business cards 2014-2015. Which are used mostly by top business persons.We know after getting knowledge about these business cards app your burden of carrying business cards are gone. Start preparing your business cards and be free from all confusions and burdens.


Top mobile apps for business cards 2014-2015
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