Parasite SEO Tips 2017-How to earn $100 by a small investment of $15

Parasite SEO Tips-How to earn $100 by a small investment of $15

Parasite SEO Tips-How to earn $100 by a small investment of $15

Hey guys I hope you are all doing good today I pick up topic called “Parasite SEO“. I know that some of you are aware about the parasite SEO term but most of you dont know about it. This strategy or method come up when Google started smashing spammy website by its Algo like –  Penguin ,Panda etc.

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What is Parasite SEO 

Parasite SEO term simply means that when we write a piece of content and published it on some high authority site. Here I am going to show you a example with a press release site.One of my friend is earning $100 by a small investment of $15 and the investement is for publishing that content on the high authority press release site.

Some people also called it parasite hosting or parasite hosting SEO.. All these term refer to same method only ,So the method is we create a good quality piece of content with a link back to our affiliate link,Some blogger also used clocking or direct link if that high authority press releases site approved.

I am going to add some more thing on parasite SEO concept this time .. I am going to tell you that how exactly he is earning or making money online by parasite SEO tips.

Benefits of my Parasite SEO tips 

  • Utilize high authority Press release platforms to gain top spots for your buying phrases or targeted kywords.
  • Siphon off buyer traffic
  • Make easy affiliate commission online from pre-selling products of your niche
  • Plus; we can now grab the details from the buyers like emails address,phone number etc
  • It will take hardly 1 hour of your time.
  • Very small investment if you want to make

So the main benefit of this method is we can actually get the buyers name and email address when they buy a product we refer. So we can send them offers whenever we feel like it.

Domain Authority Importance in Parasite SEO

Parasite SEO Tips - How to earn $100 by a small investment of $15

Parasite SEO Tips – Importance of domain authority

As you can see on the above image that DA and PA is too high , Website has full power to secured #1 spot on google in any way so if we can post our one article on this above site with a link back to our affiliate offer then we can hell lot of money.

Now let’s start a step by step guide on Parasite SEO hosting Tips.

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Step By Step Guide On Parasite SEO Tips 

Step 1 – Create A Landing Page – The first step will lead us to create a perfect landing page where we are trying to sell a product on a pre selling mode . But this landing page is little different from the normal one ..Want to know how ??  Ok here we are giving some bonus gift to our buyers if they buy product from our page.

You have to make landing page like that when some one click any where it will be redirected to the offer. an remember to put a information every where that if they buy a product by click the landing page then they have to come back and fill the other information so that we can send them bonus product.

Note –  At the end of the landing page add the information related to bonus product and how buyers can that bonus.you can put that info around your clikc here button also.

Example –  http://naturalhealth.f1t.co/how-to-get-rid-of-a-cold-sore-fast/

Step 2  Press Release Submission – Write a high quality content around your targeted keywords for which you want to rank and submit it to a number of press release site. Remember you have to insert a link back to your landing page (Step 1 ). If our articles are published on the several other PR sites then it has a huge chances that we  will get 100 of click on landing page and some of them will surely buy our product and some of them our buyers will come back to our landing page to claim their bonus product.

Step 3 Collect Buyers details –  If you see landing page carefully you will found that at the end of the page we added a section where buyers is going to click on button “Click Here To Claim Your Bonuses Product”. They will redirect to a page where we will be asking them to submit desired information like name, email address ,phone number etc.

Example of bonus page – http://naturalhealth.f1t.co/how-to-get-rid-of-a-cold-sore-fast/cs-bonusclaim1-1/

So in this whole process you buyers will happy because they got good product to cure them self’s ,they got some bonus product also.You will also be happy as you just a good commission and got the whole information of buyers so in future if you want to approach them you can do it with out any extra effort (I use email marketing approach to sell few more product to them).

So what you have learned so far ?

1. Gaining fast ranking in google for targeted buying keywords (often on page #1)

2. Syphoning buyer traffic to your killer landing pages (Closer look on step 1)

3. Making easy affiliate commission by providing additional value (Additional value can be a PDF,video,podcast anything which can benefits subscriber)

4. Adding buyer details to your autoresponder lists. (When buyers come back to submit their information on our landing page then you must use autorresponse like Getresponse to build the list.)

I hope this small Parasite SEO tips will help you rank and earn more. People are making good money by this technique and you can too guys. Just start working guys you will see good result for sure and follow my featured and make money online section to learn more tricks and tips.




[article will help those who are searching for parasite seo guide,parasite seo tips,parasite seo tricks,parasite seo step by step guide for beginners,parasite seo test,parasite seo guide 2015,parasite pages seo,parasite hosting seo]

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