IPL 2014 Tickets Online Booking - Buy IPL 2014 Tickets From Official Ticket Partner

IPL 2014 Tickets Online Booking – Buy IPL 2014 Tickets From Official Ticket Partner

IPL 2014 Tickets Online Booking

This year IPL 2014 is about to held in India but there is also some rumors that it can be shifted to South Africa or some matches of ipl 2014 can be done on Bangladesh or Srilanka as well. IPL 2014 schedule will clear finally when government of India of Election Commission of india declare the date of Lok Sabha election 2014.In the year of 2007 when lok sabha election and IPL 2013 date were clashed then BCCI and IPL governing authority took a step to held IPL 2013 in South Africa.Indian premier league 7 can be fully played in South Africa or can be played partly in Srilanka Or Bangladesh let see what next year is bringing for cricket lovers.

Tips To Book IPL 2014 Tickets Online

From some couple of year KYAZOONGA.com is a official site for IPL and other cricket Matches where Indian cricket team is playing.We are hoping that this year IPL 2014 tickets will also can be purchased from this website only.It to be noted that when Sachin Tendulkar playing his last 200 test match in Wankhede then a huge traffic was flowing on the website ,The traffic was of Indian cricket lovers who were dying to watch this Indian cricket legend playing last time on his home ground pitch.Kyazoonga.com was crashed because of unexpected traffic .But we hope that this time BCCI and their official ticket partner are well prepared for this mega event of 2014.

  • To buy ipl 2014 tickets you have to try from different computer simultaneously.
  • You cannot book more than 2 ipl 2014 tickets from a single debit or credit card.
  • The photo identity proof is highly required before buying ipl 2014 tickets.
  • Once you buy the ipl 2014 tickets then t can not be replaced by any mean.
  • Select carefully you seats ,My personal recommendation is to select the seat which is close to boundary.

Stay tuned here we will update more news of IPL 2014 Tickets.