How To Build High-Quality Links With Infographics For Your Niche Site? 2018

Infographics are one of the most common weapons in the arsenal of every successful inbound marketer out there. Give it a glance, and it’ll tell you everything, in almost no time. Infographics (or information graphics) are a clear representation of any information, data or knowledge in a mere snap of fingers. Yeah.. Just like that. Moreover, sharing them is a very simple task as well. All you need to do is, copy the embedded code of the infographic and paste it, wherever you intend to share it.


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Although, producing these beauties is quite costly, but as they are more attractive than any type plain text, they never fail to draw the attention of viewers. Beyond this, they have many plus points over textual content. The most important one has got to be the quality backlinks from a decent number of websites, that they build as the time passes, which will fetch a large number of organic traffic to your site.

Well, not just that. Your infographic, on being shared will bring some referred traffic to your website as well. That’s not all. A helpful infographic also enhances points directly at there Interesting naa.

As I have said earlier, producing infographics is not a cheap. Therefore, here I am presenting before you some very successful strategies, which you can use to make your infographic help in building quality links –

Build High-Quality Links With Infographics

How To Build High-Quality Links With Infographics For Your Niche Site


  1. Start with generating a clean embed code –

In infographic marketing, generation of a tidy looking embed code is very significant. The code should be clean cum compatible to everything type of code. One thing to remember here is, in the embed code, we should never use any keyword rich anchor text there.

Doing it might jeopardize our content as it may get tracked by Google Penguin, whose algorithm never fails to detect the stuff posted with the intention of only and only SEO. Instead, utilizing the name of the brand or even the naked link URL can be helpful in this case. Staying aware of these facts will always help us grow.


  1. Request the viewers and friends to post on their blog or website –

In your blog, right underneath the infographic, you can post the link to the infographic along with it. With the infographic, you can always tell your readers to share and like your content only if they find it helpful for them or like it for any other reason. This action might not sound like traffic attractor, but believe me, it still is one of the most efficient methods. Wait, there’s more to come.

Here is when your good relations with your fellow bloggers and website owners can be of great importance. You can always mail your blogger buddy personally requesting if they can upload our infographic to their blog or site. Well, let me tell you something. If your work is phenomenal, and so are you, then no one can stop your content from getting published on these sites.


  1. Look for websites of your niche, who have a track record of sharing infographics –

Go out, look for the websites of your niche. Look out whether they do share infographics of other websites. And as soon as you find one, then do all you can in approaching them. Always keep a check on well-established websites which work in the same niche as yours.

Keep visiting their website and keep checking if they have re-published any infographic shortly. If yeah, then shoot them an email without second thoughts. You might receive a big news from this side soon. Always keep a track on what these big names are publishing. If they have posted an infographic that is related to the one that you have published recently, then find all the websites linked to it.

If the website is a trackback enabled WordPress website, then your work can become very easy. If not, then services like Ahrefs and Majestic SEO can also be very handy.


  1. Do a Google Reverse Image Search –

Doing a reverse image search on Google can help us in tracking more websites who could share help us in progressing our infographic marketing campaign ahead. All we need to do is look for an infographic in google images.

All we need to do is, mention the keyword related followed by the word infographic in the google image search bar. There we can find all the possible infographics of our concerned keyword. And that is where we need to apply our trick.

Either we can copy the link of the image and paste it into a new window to open the website that has shared that image. Chrome users can straight away search for the image on google by right clicking it. From there you can find those websites of your interest. Pitch your request by an email with no delay.


  1. Approaching infographic directories which demand a unique description for your infographic –

There are very rare infographic directories out there on the internet, which are of very quality, which asks for a unique description for your infographic before submitting it. These directories could be of great help. If you are capable of writing different unique descriptions for different directories of this variety, then the warrior, the world is yours. All you need to do is jump into the battlefield, and win it for yourself with your hard work.


  1. Share your work on image sharing sites –

People, what if your work is informational, it is an image. Your work is also a piece of art, and it will surely be appreciated in a place where artists are active, as they too receive many vital pieces of information in the way they like to see the world.

Here is where sites like Pinterest could be very helpful for us. There are tons of people out there who are active for almost 24 hours a day, seven days in a week. Seek them


  1. Next target, industry specific communities and forums

It can be a great method to promote your infographic to the world. Reach out to those forums and communities. Share your content with them. If your work comes into the eyes of the maestros of the industry, and somehow, they like your work. Bammm!!! Then no one can stop your work from being spread big time.

Not just that, you’ll make some quality links in a good quantity as well. Which can always be fruitful for your works shortly. The tale isn’t over yet. If it all goes well, then you can also manage to attract a huge traffic towards your website, which ultimately is what you are looking for.


  1. Investing in paid social media ad services –

If you believe that your work is really good and it has the potential to do very well if it reaches to the correct set of viewers; they stop being a miser, friend. Have self-confidence, and invest some money in promoting your work in the famous paid social media ad service platforms. Platforms like Facebook, Reddit, etc. can be very helpful in these cases.  These ad services have a far greater reach than our accounts, which directly promotes our work far more efficiently taking it to the viewers of different ages at the different parts of the world. Amazing.. Isn’t it..?

List of Infographic Submission Sites


  1. visual.ly/
  2. flowingdata.com/
  3. www.visualising.org/
  4. mashable.com/follow/topics/infographics/
  5. www.good.is/infographics/
  6. www.coolinfographics.com/
  7. dailyinfographic.com/
  8. ilovecharts.tumblr.com/
  9. chartporn.org/
  10. infosthetics.com/
  11. www.infographicsshowcase.com/
  12. www.easel.ly/
  13. www.graphs.net/
  14. submitinfographics.com/
  15. www.pdviz.com/
  16. infographiclabs.com/
  17. www.loveinfographics.com/
  18. infographicjournal.com/
  19. infographiclist.com/
  20. www.nerdgraph.com/
  21. infographicboard.com/
  22. infographicsmania.com/
  23. www.reddit.com/r/infographic/
  24. mediacaffeine.com/
  25. www.newsilike.in/
  26. vizualarchive.com/
  27. theinfographics.blogspot.com/
  28. infographicdirectory.wordpress.com/
  29. www.infographicas.com/
  30. www.infographicpost.com/
  31. www.infographicsking.com/
  32. www.best-infographics.com/
  33. www.styleandflow.com/
  34. infographixdirectory.com/
  35. www.onlyinfographic.com/
  36. www.cooldailyinfographics.com/
  37. www.infographicsonly.com/
  38. html5infographics.com/
  39. www.dailystatistic.com/
  40. infographicdatabase.com/
  41. allinfographics.org/
  42. www.discoverinfographics.com/
  43. brandlessblog.com/
  44. www.infographicsamples.com/
  45. www.muchmost.com/
  46. infographicimages.com/
  47. www.infographicsarchive.com/
  48. infographicsonline.com/
  49. infographic.co.za/
  50. www.omginfographics.com/
  51. www.pureinfographics.com/
  52. www.infographiclove.com/
  53. videoinfographic.com/
  54. www.ratemyinfographic.com/
  55. www.bestinfographics.co.uk/
  56. www.bestinfographics.info/
  57. winfographics.com/
  58. envisualizations.com/
  59. www.infographicheaven.com/
  60. www.infographicszone.com/
  61. newsfix.co.uk/
  62. www.info-graphic.co.uk/
  63. thedinfographics.com/
  64. www.infographicsmaze.com/
  65. picographic.tumblr.com/
  66. latestinfographics.com/
  67. www.example-infographics.com/
  68. www.radinfographics.com/
  69. infographicstyles.com/
  70. travel-infographic.com/
  71. infographic-police.blogspot.com/
  72. medicalinfographics.wordpress.com/
  73. www.infographicscentral.com/
  74. www.datagraphie.com/
  75. www.infographicsdesigns.com/
  76. www.infographicsubmission.com/


At last, I’d like to say that infographics are great methods of teaching or informing the world about some awesome set of knowledge in a very artistic and attractive way. Their eye-catching nature instantly makes them more likable than plain textual content.

Their impact is far better than many other informative sources known to the world. But still, being a variety of content, it also requires some good promotion. After all, content marketing with just the content is also a good idea, but only half the good idea.

So, for now, here I sign off. For more discussions and contents like this, please stay stuck with us. See you next time. Ciao!!

How To Build High-Quality Links With Infographics For Your Niche Site? 2018
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