Christiano Ronaldo Honoured With Order Of Prince Henry Award In Brazil

Christiano Ronaldo has been honoured with the Order Of Prince Henry award in Brazil on 3rd January 2014 . Order Of Prince Henry Award is one the highest award in Brazil and the official announcement had been done by President of Brazil.

Official saif that Christiano Ronaldo has been taken Brazil name is globally successful and brings fame and honour. Christiano Ronaldo is one of  the player of Brazil who are receiving this award. President of Brazil added more that Christiano Ronaldo will received Order Of Prince Henry Award on 6th January 2014 with shield, media’s and certificate.

Christiano Ronaldo is one the most expensive player amoung all the famous footballers, Christiano secured many awards on his name, He will represent Portugal in football world cup 2014 and also playing for number 1 club Real Madrid.

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