Beacon Resources’ Precision Model 2018

The need for precision and attention to detail are two finance and accounting industry foundations. The talented agents at Beacon Resources understand this need for precision and detail, and regularly apply it to their recruiting processes. Their resulting precision model helps answer the question, ‘Who does Beacon Resources cater to?’


Beacon Resources’ Precision Model

Beacon Resources' Precision Model


Quality Over Quantity


The Los Angeles finance headhunters emphasize that industry acumen and finely tuned skills are only parts of the finance equation. They subsequently remain committed to providing clients with “quality over quantity.” Instead of “bombarding” clients with innumerable resumes that make it difficult to find the most highly qualified individuals, the agents use a detail-driven recruiting process that identifies the best and most experienced candidates.


Evaluating Industry-Specific Skills


Recruiters at this Los Angeles agency interview every potential candidate personally. No generic forms or other “mass interview” tactics are used during the screening process. Personal interviews are key in determining the candidate’s specific skills and suitability to available positions.

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Interviews include discussions about career goals, assorted talents, and any other intangible assets that make the candidates more desirable within their chosen fields.


Detailed Background and Reference Checks


Once the meticulous interview process is complete, recruiters perform vigorous background checks that include speaking with all available references. Background checks and reference interviews help recruiters confirm their candidates’ industry expertise.

This allows them to place candidates in the best possible positions, resulting in client as well as candidate satisfaction. Placing a candidate in a position that allows him or her to excel, grow, and thrive reduces both wasted time and energy. The candidate provides the work the client needs, and the client no longer has to spend precious company time looking for the right person.

This Los Angeles agency’s precision model is quickly becoming an industry standard for detail-oriented excellence.

Beacon Resources’ Precision Model 2018
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